In my head are hundreds of little drawers, so it seems. Each one houses an idea, a project. I have to choose. Again and again I decide which drawer can be opened. But especially, which ones have to stay closed. That's not to say that they can never be opened. But they have to wait till their time has come. I carry with me many projects and images that mature through time. Hence, a whole process always precedes material formation.

'Forest' originated in such a way. Long before I gave shape to this installation, I carried with me the image of dozens, hundreds of fragile hands standing side by side like trees; in group, in bushes. By presenting the work in different settings, on different locations, each with it's own atmosphere, this ripening process is continuated.

Insomnia is a sculpture in porcelain; a head. A head full of violent sleeplessness  with open eyes. Awaiting. My works are images composed layer by layer, through which they capture the alienating realm between wake and sleep.

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photo: Guy Robyn


Kapelle-op-den-Bos / Belgium

photo: Luc Roymans

photo: Jole Lemmens

2000 - 2012


In 2000 Martine started designing artists-dolls in porcelain under the name MJBdolls, with which she acquired big international notoriety. Many of these dolls are spread over collections worldwide.