In 2000 Martine started designing artists-dolls in porcelain under the name MJBdolls, with which she acquired big international notoriety. Many of these dolls are spread over collections worldwide.

Making porcelain dolls is a lenghty process that demands lots of patience. Each part of the doll is modelled separately, and of each piece a separate plaster mold is made in which then the porcelain is poured. These castings, at that point still very fragile, are then sanded and edited with close precision, after which they are baked at 1230°C. The face, the eyes and skin are painted in five layers and imprinted at 700°C. As soon as all parts are ready, they are mounted on a (most often) fabric body and ecquipped with clothing of own design.

SELECTION 2000 - 2012

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