Born in Brussels, 1969

Sint Lucas, Brussel, Grafic arts

Lives en works in Tisselt, Belgium

"In my head are hundreds of little drawers, so it seems. Each one houses an idea, a project. I have to choose. Again and again I decide which drawer can be opened. But especially, which ones have to stay closed. That's not to say that they can never be opened. But they have to wait till their time has come. I carry with me many projects and images that mature through time. Hence, a whole process always precedes material formation."

Martine Jansen, artist and graphic designer.

Founder of the Belgian label SOMAJ 


2021 La Stanza, Brugge, Belgium

2021 Imaginair Art Gallery, Rijmenan, Belgium

2020 Solo expostion / Imaginair Art Gallery, Rijmenan, Belgium

2019 Absolute Art Gallery Knokke / Brugge, Belgium

2017 Solo expostion / La Stanza, Brugge, Belgium

2017 Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium

May 2015 / Solo exposition / CC De Brouckere, Torhout, Belgium

2015 Solo exposition / Oude Pastorie, Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium

2013 Koksijde / Yes Art Gallery, Belgium

2013 AAF Brussels, Belgium

2012 Lineart Gent, Belgium

2012 AAF Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2012 AAF New York / The United Gallery, USA

2011 Begijnhofkerk, Mechelen, Belgium

2011 Galerie Jorg Schelfhout, Liedekerke, Belgium

2010 Lineart 2010 Gent, Belgium

2010 Art Fair, Waregem, Belgium

2010 Sint Michielskerk, Leuven, Belgium

2010 Dag van het park, Diest, Belgium

2008 Art Event, Antwerp, Belgium

2007 Galerie paardenmarkt64, Antwerp, Belgium

2007 De oude pastorie, Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium

2006 Art Event, Antwerp, Belgium

2006 Gallery all dolled up USA

2006 Dubaï, exposition invitation from the gouvernment

2006 Wachtanoff Gallery, Moscou, Rusia

2005 Art Event, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2005 Art Event, Antwerp, Belgium

2005 Gallery Brigitte Hess USA

2004 Art Event, Antwerp, Belgium

2003 Gallery Young Classics, Reutlingen, DL

2002 Wachtanoff Gallery, Moscou, Rusia

2002 De oude pastorie, Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium

2001 Wachtanoff Gallery, Moscou, Rusia




Imaginair Art Gallery


Imaginair Art Gallery

Making porcelain dolls is a lenghty process that demands lots of patience. Each part of the doll is modelled separately, and of each piece a separate plaster mold is made in which then the porcelain is poured. These castings, at that point still very fragile, are then sanded and edited with close precision, after which they are baked at 1230°C.

The face, the eyes and skin are painted in five layers and imprinted at 700°C. As soon as all parts are ready, they are mounted on a (most often) fabric body and ecquipped with clothing of own design.


2000 - 2012

In 2000 Martine started designing artists-dolls in porcelain under the name MJBdolls, with which she acquired big international notoriety.

Many of these dolls are spread over collections worldwide.

Martine Jansen - Billy
Martine Jansen - Luna
Martine Jansen - two dolls
Martine Jansen - Lena
Martine Jansen - Delphine
Martine Jansen - Sophie
Martine Jansen - Selena
Martine Jansen - Frederiek 3
Martine Jansen - Sophie 2
Martine Jansen - Selena 2
Martine Jansen - Manon
Martine Jansen - Lena 3
Martine Jansen - Lena 2
martine jansen - Ulrike
martine jansen - Ulrike 2
Martine Jansen - two sisters 2
Martine Jansen - Sophie 4
Martine Jansen - Pierrot 2
Martine Jansen - Pierrot
Martine Jansen - Margot
Martine Jansen - Ilona
Martine Jansen - Frederiek
Martine Jansen - Frederiek 2
Martine Jansen - Doll
Martine Jansen - Delphine 3
Martine Jansen - Delphine 2
Martine Jansen - Bente and Zarmina
Martine Jansen - Anne
Martine Jansen - Baby
martine jansen - Annalee
Martine Jansen - painting doll
Martine Jansen - Aline
doll parts
doll hand
doll feet